The cover of NES Uninvited featuring the Ghost Lady

Thank you for coming back for me, my love. You will be mine forever.
~ The Ghost Lady (if you talk to her).

The Ghost Lady is the ghoulish ghost of a dead woman and an enemy appariton found in the 1986 point-and-click game "Uninvited" for MAC, DOS and NES. She is described as someone who looked like actress Scarlet O'Hara of Gone With The Wind from behind, but has no official name.


Shortly after the player character stumbled into the haunted house where the game took place, while walking on a hallway, the Ghost Lady makes an appearance. She looks harmless, lulling the player with a suspiciously comforting words "Thank you for coming back for me, my love. You will be mine forever.". The NES version will also include a rather chipper tone as if trying to drop the player's guard from any incoming death (the music was far more haunting in the beginning of the game where the player can die from not getting out from his soon-to-be-exploding car).

However, any actions other than a specific action, such as trying to interact or punch the lady or going through another door within her presence will cause her to finally notice the player character. She reveals her face to be a skeleton devoid of flesh. As she grabbed the player character, she began ripping the player character apart, killing the player as she laughed hysterically.

However, if the player character has the 'No Ghost' potion in his possession and opened the bottle before triggering the Ghost Lady's appearance, the player character can instead pour the 'No Ghost' liquid inside the potion to the Ghost Lady, doing so would melt her into nothingness, killing her and allowing the player to proceed.

However, the Ghost Lady is but a mere beginning of the horrors the player will encounter in the house.


Uninvited - Death By Scarlett O' Hara

Uninvited - Death By Scarlett O' Hara

Killed by the Ghost Lady in NES

Uninvited - Death by Scarlet O' Hara

Uninvited - Death by Scarlet O' Hara

Killed by the Ghost Lady in MAC

Uninvited Music (NES) - Scarlet O'Hara?

Uninvited Music (NES) - Scarlet O'Hara?

Do not be fooled by the cheeriness of this tune if you value your life, if it's not too late, that is...


◾Although only a beginning enemy, the Ghost Lady is probably one of the few things known from the obscurity of Uninvited, as she was the first enemy to encounter the player, and unique in a way that she lures the players to drop their guards and the death caused by her is considered the most horrific death described. She became more known via TV Tropes.