The Ghost Bride

The ghost bride (real name Cynthia Snell)

Cynthia Snell, also known as the Ghost Bride is a madwoman who appears as a villain in the series Hey Arnold!. She killed her sister, her former fiancé, and then herself after she had been cheated at the altar. She was said to haunt the cemetery, in search of more victims which believes who attack her grave.


Before her deadly deed, Cynthia was really in love with her fiancé, counting the days until their marriage, hoping that "they would always love each other and live happily ever after". But however, on the day she was supposed to be married, as several hours passed, Cynthia realized that her fiancé had skipped the wedding out and left her standing at the altar. She soon discovered that her fiancé cheated on her because he fell in love with her sister, they were married the next day. That very night, Cynthia put on her wedding dress and found a sharp axe, walked 13 blocks to her sister's house. Her sister and former husband-to-be were asleep, and Cynthia axed them to death. When the police arrived, they found her sitting in her rocking chair next to the dead bodies throwing rice and smiling while humming the Wedding March. She then jumped out the window committing suicide when they arrived in order to avoid being arrested.

Every year after the incident on its anniversary, she rise up from her grave looking for more victims.



  • The story of Cynthia Snell was partially inspired by Lizzie Borden.
  • It's possible that Cynthia may have had some kind of mental or psychotic disorder or both.
  • When the boys are at the Ghost Bride's grave, Arnold reads the words on her tomb stone. It says "Here lies Cynthia Snell. She lived her life and went straight to..." the last word wasn't seen because it was hidden in dirt. The last word is most likely "hell."