So who cares he's crazy? We gonna be rich!
~ Gherran to Nevin

Gherran was one of Paavo's Lieutenants.


In the Game

Sorry Kess. I got wordy.
~ Gherran before engaging Nevin

Of Paava's pair of Lieutenants, Gherran was the more submissive and stupid of the two, often deferring and listening to Kess despite her not being his superior. He and Kess blow up the ship the Hero's arrive in, scattering them, and later try and the finish the job. Nevin is able to destroy their ship however. Before it crashes, they eject themselves.


Gherran faces down Nevin

Gherran is encountered again mid-way through the game, trying to disrupt Echo's memories so that it will no longer help Nevin. The other Shaper arrives, however, and engages Gherran in a fight. He loses and it is a fatal loss; Gherran is absorbed into the flesh of Echo.

After Paavo's defeat, he and Kess and shown wrapped up together in a stasis-like state. It is unknown if they are in a suspended state or outright deceased.


Gherran is a burly man with exaggerated masculine features and a gravelly voice. He has slick-spiked back grey hair, blue eyes and is tall. His armor is similar in color to the hero's; it is done all over in golds and yellows with black accents.


Gherran is a simple man with similar sadistic tendencies as his partner. Unlike her, though, he enjoys watching pain being dished out and doesn't seem to feel one way or the other about enjoying it. Gherran was excitable and wordy as well as easily distractible. His intelligence was also lacking.

Villain Similarities

  • Gherran is similar to Chungu; both are large, strong, but stupid.