Ghengis-khannie 2916269-L

Ghengis (bottom) being annoyed by Khannie (top)

Ghengis the Lion is both the protagonist and an antagonist in the Ghenis & Khannie segment in Wacky World of Tex Avery.

He's a lion who appears to be a parody of Ghengis Khan. He cannot rule over his rival (a female Panda named Khannie). Ghengis and his army travel from place to place.


  • In the Power Pooch segment "Power Pooch No More" Ghengis is one of the guest cameos who appeared as a "cool" toy (the other 2 were Sagebrush Sid and Mooch the Fox).
  • In one Tex Avery segment, Sagebrush Sid uses an army that looks similar to Ghengis's to get through Tex's fort.