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Everything I've done has been for my people. Can you say the same?
~ Ghassan Al-Bitar

Ghassan Al-Bitar is the leader of Al-Jamil and the main antagonist of Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. He was trained by the Syrian Army as a sniper and has went through training in Al-Qaeda. His brother was killed in Afghanistan while fighting for the Taliban, and as a result, vowed to fight against all Westerners as well as eliminate the Western influence in the Middle East. He attacked the U.S.S. Mt. St. Helens with Somali pirates and he also kidnapped Shen Rei and Lian Xing in order to force Shen to create the X-Z-2 device. He later attempted to escape with the X-Z-2 devices, but Logan kills Bitar in a gunfight on the elevators by shooting the devices, rigging them to explode on Bitar.

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