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Great Youma, Gesen

Gesen (Game Machine Man in the North American dub) is a Youma that is one of the Seven Shadows. He was trapped inside a Rainbow Crystal and reborn inside an arcade champion named Game Machine Joe. In Episode 25, "Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love", Zoisite extracts the Red Rainbow Crystal from him and turns him into Gesen, champion of the Dark Kingdom. His attacks included turning his hand into a mallet or extending a claw (similar to a game machine crane) from his hand. When Makoto Kino threw Gesen down, the mark of Jupiter appeared on her forehead. Luna gave her the power to transform into Sailor Jupiter, who disconnected Gesen's circuits with her Supreme Thunder. As he was getting back up, Luna gave Sailor Moon the power to use Moon Healing Activation, which she used to heal Joe, returning him to normal and destroying the Shadow within him.

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