Germs was a henchman who worked for Roland Daggett in the Batman: The Animated Series two-part episode "Feat of Clay."He has an extreme fear of germs although Germs is his nickname.


Germs was one of the henchmen sent by Daggett to kill Lucius Fox and almost crushed Batman however the Dark Knight got off the machine gears that almost crushed him and foiled the attempt on Lucius' life.

After Bell was arrested, Daggett sent Germs to kill Fox at the hospital. He was reluctant at first because he didn't want to go to the hospital from the sick people nevertheless he went to kill Fox at the hospital but it was foiled by Batman. Germs was cornered by Batman in the pathology lab. Germs told Batman Hagen was the person who impersonated Wayne but Batman wanted to know how he fooled Fox. Before he could told Batman about it , Clayface came disguised as a police officer and caught Germs and tried to throw him off a building. Batman rescued Germs and left him on the building to be arrested by the police.