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General Georgi Kukov is the commander of the Red Army in Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

Kukov started out as military official overseeing the border of Germany and Poland. He gives a mission to the Soviet commander on guarding the Soviet base from the German forces. Kukov explained to the commander about getting the contents necessary for the Iron Curtain project. After Gradenko was assasinated, Kukov was promoted to General.

The general briefed the commander a mission to attack the Allied submarines.  Georgi Kukov, Joseph Stalin, and the other Soviet Union advisors delibrated on an Allied weapon called the Chronosphere and came up with a plan to obtain. They sent the commander to take control of all three radar centers that control the Chronosphere. The commander approached the Chronosphere which activated a radar center, destroying the Chronosphere. Stalin was angered at the commander for his failure to obtain the Chronosphere and ordered his guards to shoot him. One of Stalin's advisors pointed out that it was Kukov's fault because he failed to inform the commander of the fourth radar center. Stalin later strangled Kukov in anger for missing information on the fourth radar center.

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