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George B. Wilson is a major character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece The Great Gatsby. A poor man who was an exhausted owner of a run-down auto shop at the end of the valley of ashes, he was driven into insanity when he thought that Jay Gatsby murdered his unfaithful wife Myrtle, when in fact she had been killed by Gatsby's lover Daisy Buchanan

He was portrayed by Jason Clarke in the 2013 adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

In The Great Gatsby

George owned a garage, and he resided in the valley of ashes alongside his wife Myrtle. Unbeknownst to George, his wife was having an affair with Tom Buchanan, the book's antagonist, and she was also bringing items that they couldn't afford home. When he asked her about the items, she would always reply that she got them while visiting her sister.

When George picked up on the affair, he locked his wife in the bedroom above his garage as an attempt to keep her from meeting her secret lover. When Myrtle thought she saw Tom driving by in a yellow car, she escapes through the window, only to be run over by the approaching car. This incident caused George to lose his sanity, and he became obsessed with avenging his wife's death, even though she wasn't faithful to him.

On the day after Myrtle's death, Wilson walks over to the Buchanan residence and held Tom at gunpoint. Tom convinced George that Gatsby was the one who killed his wife since he assumed that he was driving the yellow car that killed her, and also as a means to save his life.

George then headed for the Gatsby estate, and when he got there, he gunned Gatsby down in his pool. Feeling remorse for what he had done, George turned the gun on himself, and then pulled the trigger.


  • The Great Gatsby and White House Down, both of which Jason Clarke starred in, came out in 2013.