Professor alba fcevo

George Weissman, disguised himself as Professor Alba in the first game Trails in the Sky. He is cunning and will do anything to get his job done. Even manipulating the memories of those in order to do his bidding.

This is evident when he broke Joshua Bright's heart and that he started to follow him. He is also the main antagonist of the 2nd Trails in the Sky game.


Trails in the Sky

He comes off as a nice and humble professor. But in reality, it's all a ruse. And people are unaware of his sinister plans. The ending of the first game shows as much when players defeat Lowe in Grancel castle's 2nd floor balcony and later on Col. Richard at Grancel's Aureole Ruins

Trails in the Sky SC

His motives come to light as the sinister madman: George Weissman. Which he leads a group of would-be-terrorists. Calling themselves: Ouroboros. They get dispatched to several locations, wreaking havoc upon the city/towns.

Thus, Estelle picks up her weapon once again and she recruits several recurring fighters from the first game, and new fighers that have been an NPC to the first game.