I will skin your children and eat them. Upon finishing, I will fashion utensils out of their bones.
~ The letter of "G.W." (George Washington).
No, George Washing was not the gentle, kind old man we put him up to be. He was a monster.
~ Professor Harkinson about George Washington.
George Washington
appears in Bentley Little's short story "The Washingtonians" as the founder of the Washingtonians that carried on his dark legacy. According to the story, it is said that supplies ran low during multiple battles during The Revolutionary War. Washington developed a taste for human flesh when the group resorted to cannibalism and demanded that a man be brought to him for consumption every day. This led to him developing an ideology that he would found the newly created country of the United States of America as a cannibal state.

Due to the immense secrecy of the Washingtonians, Washington's atrocious acts went mostly uncovered save for historical data retrieved from his personal letters and journals. During his time, his Washingtonians devoured Thomas Jefferson alive as a sacrifice and flayed John Hancock in their gatherings. Nevertheless, Washington's memory was manipulated as being the venerable American hero. Until Mike, the protagonist of the story, uncovers his letter hidden within his portrait declaring that he would devour the new nation's children.

While a Karma Houdini in life, Washington's legacy is nevertheless stopped by the story's conclusion with the deaths of The Washingtonians. The Masters of Horror adaptation takes it a step further, revealing that Washington's face has been removed from the dollar bill and replaced with that of George W. Bush.