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George Rosten was a priest in the Valtiel Sect of the Order, and he is the right-hand man of Jimmy Stone. He is also one of the chosen victims of serial killer Walter Sullivan.


Father Rosten personally instructed Walter Sullivan on the 21 Sacraments, then ironically fell victim to his own teaching when Sullivan beat him to death with an iron pipe and removed his heart.

He let Valtiel into Walter's unconsciousness to permit the "21 Sacraments" to take place, only to lose control of his own "pupil".

His memory as well as his own corpse in a wheelchair found by Henry Townshend, is represented by a scripture of the Valtiel sect found at the murder spot, an underground altar found at the Wish House orphanage.



  • George Rosten is known as Victim 6 in the game.
  • Rosten's ghost does not appear.

There is a high probability the doll in the Burned Doll Puzzle represents George Rosten because Jimmy Stone and Toby Archbolt already have Ghosts (which are the manifestations of themselves). It can be theorized Walter Sullivan trapped part of George's soul within a doll.

  • The doll wears a crucifix, implying George Rosten himself may have been Christian (in spite of being part of The Order) or he disguised himself as a Christian.
  • If the doll is indeed George, he may have been remorseful of his actions because he essentially helps Henry Townshend by testing him in order to progress.