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George Marsden Plummer is a recurring enemy of the British detective Sexton Blake, the character was created by Ernest Semphill and first appeared in the story The Man From Scotland Yard (1908).


A former detective-inspector at Scotland Yard, Plummer seemed to have a bright future ahead of him as a policeman. However, unbeknownst to his colleagues, Plummer was actually corrupted and involved in several criminal activities, such as blackmail. In his first appearance, Plummer's goal was to become the sole heir to the title of Earl of Sevenoaks, he planned on achieving his goals by attempting to kill the two men that stood before him in the line. Eventually, Plummer's dastardly exploits were exposed by Sexton Blake and the detective-inspector was sent to Dartmoor Prison. However, he soon escaped and embarked on an illustrious criminal career, clashing with Blake numerous times over the years.

Personality and Abilities

Plummer is a highly intelligent man, capable of outlining complex criminal schemes as well as carrying them out, He is also a master of disguise, on the same level as Blake, but not quite as good as Leon Kestrel The Master Mummer. Plummer's main weakness is his temperament and the fact that he gets easily agitated and excited. Whenever that happens his eyes, which are usually grey, turn green. He also has a habit of chewing at his fingernails.

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