George Lazure was the main antagonist of the Grimm episode "Endanged" possing as a Alien hunter he arrived, but was really a Raub-Kondor (a ruthless condor like creature).


He hunted two Glühenvolk (rare glowing creatures, who's skin is prized highly, and thus were almost hunted to extinction) he followed radio reports of cattle mutilations (during pregnancy, female Glühenvolk need to eat cow ovaries) and alien sightings. Hunting the two knowing how valuable there child would be.

He met up with Nick and Hank and portrayed himself as a UFOlogist, and talked to the farmer who spotted the Glühenvolk, confirming it was what he wanted. He tracked them down to the barn they had been hiding in, only to find they had already left. He quickly picked up the trail and continued to follow them. He tracked down Vincent (the male Glühenvolk) hunting more cows for his wife. He however missed his shot. However his enhanced avian vision allowed him to follow him.

Meanwhile Nick, Rosalee and Monroe found his truck, and investigating discovered his personal wesen skinning tools, as well as a special chemical that kept them in there true form after death. Just after the child was born, George crashed in holding his gun, demanding the child.

However they managed to distract him by Rosalee and Monroe revealing there own true forms, overcome with greed at the idea of selling all there skins, it distracted George. Then discovering Nick was a Grimm, in a moment of shock he let his guard down. Monroe charged him knocking him through a wall, but George proved to be tougher than he looked, he managed to knock Monroe off, and knocked him down with a wooden board. However rising Nick cornered him with his own riffle, with a single shot he was killed.

Still in his true form as his bullets contained his chemical, they left him to be explained for the alien sightings.