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Mr. George Harvey

Full Name
George Harvey
Mr. Harvey
The Lovely Bones
Dollhouse builder, serial killer
Powers / Skills
Straight razor and various other blades.
Manipulating people into thinking he is a kind man, luring girls to their deaths, building dollhouses.
Satisfy his lust for killing little girls.
Type of Villain
Serial killer, pedophile

George Harvey is the main antagonist of the 2002 novel The Lonely Bones by Alice Sebold and its 2009 supernatural drama film adaption of the same name directed by Peter Jackson. He is a rapist and a serial killer who raped and murdered Susie Salmon after he lured her.

He was portrayed by Stanley Tucci.


Gergore Harvey's background was troubled, in fact he had an abusive father and a manic depressive mother. Mr. Harvy was the man responsible for the murder of 14-year-old Susie Salmon and many other kids.

He lived in Norristown, Pennsylvania. After her murder, he thought he got away with the "perfect crime.", and started murdering other children. Susie, while looking down from Heaven on her family and her nemesis, had to choose between her family and vengeance.

He also "cleverly" put the body in a safe and dumped it in a hole filled with trash (though he kept her necklace). He was forced to move, because Lindsey (Susie's sister) broke into his house, to find evidence on the dissapearance of her sister. She eventually found it, but is discoverd by Mr. Harvey. He ran after he and tried to stop her, but she is too quick and left with the evidence. Harvey realizes that he will be caught if he stays, so he packs up and moves.

About two or three months later, after being settled down somewhere else, he tried to tempt a young woman by giving her a ride, but she told him to piss off, He was then shocked since nobody had ever rebuffed him. It was snowing and then all of a sudden, an icicle hanging from a tree branch fell on his shoulder, he winced in pain, then stumbled backwards over a ravine, causing him to fall over, break all the bones in his body and die a painful death, killing him.


Mr. Harvey seemed to have been severely mentally disturbed, and he is also very paranoid towards others.


Mr. Harvey made quite a few victims over the years. He only targets little girls, why he preferred them is unknown.

  • Jackie Meyer, age 13
  • Flora Hernandez, age 8
  • Leah Fox, age 12
  • Sophie Cichetti, age 49
  • Leidia Johnson, age 6
  • Wendy Richter, age 13
  • Susie Salmon, age 14

The spirits of all his victims were present in 'heaven'.


Given Mr. Harvey's apperance at the time of his death, such as his baldness and white hair, his death must have taken place long after Susie's death, likely in the 1980s or 1990s.


About a month later, he is walking out of a diner and while taking to another young girl for his next victim, he tells her do you need a ride? I'll take you where-ever you wanna go." She then simply tells him no, He looks at her and says to her "Are you sure? It's pretty cold out here." She then looks at him and says to him "Look, mister, I'm not insterted, okay?" Harvey then looks at her and says to her "I'm not trying to do nothing, just trying to be polite, a young lady alone at night, not safe." She then looks at him and says to him "Didn't you hear me? Piss off." Harvey is then shocked since he's never been declined before, Harvey then has an icicle fall on his shoulder, He then stumbles backwards, and falls on rocks, breaking his arm & neck, He then hits a tree which breaks all of the bones in his body, finally killing him and ending his killing spree.


Harvey's death

Harvey's death

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