We will have so much fun!
~ George to Bob when he kidnaps him.
George is a major character in the Ratboy Genius series, Happyman on the Red Planet and George. Even though he at first seems to simply be a misunderstood and friendly monster, he eventually ends up kidnapping one of the main characters in despair, temporarily becoming the primary antagonist. Later he realizes how villainous his actions were.

In Happyman on the Red Planet and George Edit

When Happyman and his loyal friend, Green Monster, make it to the red planet, they talk to an alien called Fred. He claims that their friend Bob is also on this planet, and is being chased by a monster called George. Fred makes him sound intimidating by talking about his large teeth, but when Happyman and Green Monster manage to rescue Bob, George sings about his true goals: He's lonely on this planet so he only chases people to be friends with them.

He confronts Fred and tells him he should quit warning everyone about him as it scares them off, but Fred reveals he did it because George was so annoying. George doesn't give up, however, and he tracks down Bob, Happyman and Green Monster to introduce himself. He accidentally startles them and they flee. Happyman then feels bad for leaving him behind, and they return to him, to apologize. George almost cries tears of joy and automatically assumes he's their best friend, which is very alarming to Happyman.

He shows them his home by flying up a steep mountainside, but he doesn't seem to realize that the 3 protagonists are in grave danger as their car almost flies off the edge multiple times. Eventually they give up on him, politely stating that it's been fun and leaving him. He awkwardly stares at them before completely freaking out. In despair he kidnaps Bob and brings him to the top of George Mountain. He seems to be completely unaware of the fact that Bob despises him, and he keeps telling him that they're gonna have so much fun. He leaves Bob for a while, but his prisoner manages to escape through a secret passage to the Underworld.

When George finds out about this he panicks, and he asks Fred for help. Fred scornfully tells him that he found a way to the Underworld and lets George know just how wicked the flying monster's actions were. George realizes how bad of a reputation he'd given the planet and decides to save Bob. Fred and George go to the underworld and realize an even bigger threat, Sue, has befriended Bob, making him not want to leave. George suddenly realizes that Sue is his sister.

Currently, there are no more episodes of the series, but the hapless George makes a cameo in Little King John: THE FLOOD when Sneezy talks about the Galactic Superheroes.