George & Eunice MacCready are the main antagonists of the 1984 film Cloak & Dagger. Along with Dr. Rice, they are after a secret file programmed inside a video game cartridge named after the respective film.

They were portrayed by the late actors Jeanette Nolan and John McIntyre.


Not much is known about their life, but it can be implied they have been criminals either before or after marriage. At an unknown point, Eunice had an accident and lost her right fingers. They at some point ran into Dr. Rice and together, seek the rather classified document located inside of a video game cartridge.

George and his wife Eunice are first seen on a boat ride in San Antonio, Texas when a young boy happens to be sitting next to them while in motion.

Afterwards, they head to the airport but not before George discreetly disposes his gun to avoid suspicion. Just before they can get away with their crime unnoticed, the couple are stopped by Davey, who lies to the airport authorities that they are his parents. When Davey's friend Kim suddenly steps out of a door nearby, George uses the opportunity to take the officer's revolver and Davey with him, not realizing until later that the boy took their timer bomb along as well.

After shooting a bystander in the knee, George and Eunice with Davey as a hostage attempt to hijack a plane but they need a licensed pilot to fly it for them. Davey's father Hal volunteers for his son's sake. When Eunice sees she brought a bomb with him, she panics while George tells Hal to fly the plane right away. Davey tries to make a run towards his father but George keeps him back. Hal starts the pane and moves it and is then caught off guard by his wife telling him there's not much time left on the bomb.

Hal closes the cockpit shut, much to the attempt of George using his gun to shoot his way in. Saving Davey before himself in an impossible-to-escape situation, Hal exits the plane leaving George and Eunice Macready, who were wanted by the FBI, to die, as they are incinerated in the bomb's explosion.