A world where all who live know pain... It is indisputable that every creature yearns to be liberated from this senseless suffering. Why do you fight back, Shepherd?
~ Heldalf

Georg Heldalf is the main antagonist in the video game Tales of Zestiria, and its anime adaptation Tales of Zestiria: The X.

He is the world's most powerful Hellion who seeks nothing but malevolence by harnessing it from the war between Hyland and Rolance.

He was voiced by Takayuki Sugo in Japanese and English Dubbed by Patrick Seitz.


In the past, Heldalf was a general in Rolance back when he was a human. The kingdom he was in was being taken over by Camlann. In order to avoid losses, Heldalf fled the scene while Hyland was attacking Origin Village. Michael, the previous shepard, had sent him to a life of solitude by sacrificing Mikleo at Maotelus' altar. After seeing his family dying, Heldalf attempted to commit suicide, but the curse had made him immortal and eventually accepted his malevolence. He vowed to end pain and suffering for all humans and seraphim in the entire world.

In the game, he was first encountered by Sorey in the battlefield known as Glaivend Basin and later at Aifread's Hunting Ground. It was also revealed that he had Lady Maltron drive the events that have led to those wars between the two nations then Lunarre stared the war up again and made it worst.

During the final battle, it had consisted of three phases. First, it was shown that Heldalf had absorbed Seraph Zenrus, which had angered Sorey and Mikleo into "settling things alone". Second, he had armatized with Maoteras into a full-scale monster, which had required power blasts from Mikleo (Luzrov Rulay), Edna (Hephsin Yulind), Zaveid (Wirukun Zavie), and Lailah (Fethmus Mioma) into stopping even his most devastating artes. Third, after falling downwards, he and Sorey had a final one-on-one match. While they clashed their mystic artes, Sorey's had outbested Heldalf and was eventually turned back into his human form.

In the end, Heldalf informed Sorey that other Lord's of Calamity would be born even if he dies and tell's Sorey to kill him. After Sorey stabbed through him with his sword, Heldalf grinned and told Sorey his opinion of him just before he died off. In the anime adaptation however, Sorey spent several decades trapped under the earth with Heldalf, and gradually purified him, restoring him to his original human form and ridding him of all malevolence.