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What it is they say in boxing? Let's get ready to rumble!
~ Geomancer
Adam Fells, nicknamed Geomancer, is an antagonist in the second season of The Flash. He is a meta-human, having gained the power to cause tremors.

He is portrayed by Adam Stafford.


Challenging the Flash

After the Flash, Harrison Wells and Cisco Ramon have left for Earth-2, Geomancer makes his presence known in Central City. He attacks a and demands that the Flash faces him. Caitlin Slow initially expects Geomancer to come from Earth-2 but Jay Garrick tells her that the Geomancer from Earth-2 died. Without the Flash to save them, Joe, Jay and Caitlin have to defeat Geomancer alone.

Geomancer is eventually found and the CCPD closes in on his location. Aiming their guns at him, they order Geomancer to stand down but he stated that he is waiting for the Flash. Joe claims that he better hoped the Flash wouldn't come, but Geomancer says that it seems like the Flash won't come for him, as he has been causing tremors in Central City for days. He then creates a minor earthquake that knocks Joe of his feet. He is however attacked by Jay Garrick, who has taken Velocity-7 to temporarily regain his power. When the Velocity wears off, Garrick stumbles to the floor. Geomancer grabs him by the neck and tries to kill him but is shot multiple times by Joe. Saved by his thick armor, Geomancer escapes without injury.

Challenging another Flash

I like to see heroes fall! And never get back up...
~ Geomancer to Iris and Caitlin

Having realized that another speedster is in town, Geomancer prepares to take him down as well. He addresses Jay via the media and him. He then uses his powers to break down a building and Jay is barely able to save everyone inside and around the crumbling building.

By unknown means Geomancer finds out that the Flash's headquarter is at S.T.A.R. Labs. Arriving there, he attacks Iris and Caitlin. The two women try to escape but the Geomancer quickly catches up. After seemingly knocking out Caitlin, he sarcastically asks what a earthquake level 7 on the scale would do to the building. However, before he can create said earthquake he is shot by Caitlin with a projectile that electrocutes him and knocks him out. He is then cuffed by Joe West with handcuffs that dampen his powers. Joe then brings Geomancer to Iron Heights where he is incarcerated at the meta-human wing.

However, Caitlin and Jay Garrick find out later that the Geomancer's tremors affected the speed cannon. However, they are able to repair it in time for Barry and his group to return to Earth-1.


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