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Genius Detective is a main antagonist in the film "On the Trail of the Bremen Town Musicians" and secondary antagonist in the film "New Bremen Town Musicians". He is always serving to those people, who pay him more then others.


On the Trail of the Bremen Town Musicians

After when Princess escaped from the castle with Bremen Town Musicians in the end of previous film "Bremen Town Musicians", Stupid King was very angry and upset. He wanted to return her back against her own will. Then, Stupid King hired a Genius Detective to find Princess and return her back. During this time, Princess and Bremen Town Musicians were resting on the field near the river. When Princess walked away a little bit away from her friends, Genius Detective and two guards of Stupid King captured and locked her in the back of the car and quicky drove back to the city. Bremen Town Musicians tried to catch up and save Princess, but they allowed Genius Detective to succeed in his mission. Later, he was helping Stupid King to force Princess to forget her beloved Trubador, one of the Bremen Town Musicians, and fall in love with someone else. But this plan has failed, when Bremen Town Musicians made Princess free and drove away from a castle. During the end-credits, Genius Detective jumped off his plane and tried to capture Princess from the air, but because of the end-credits, his plan has failed.