We play God, so you don't have to.
~ Slogan of Genetix.

Genetix was a supporting antagonist in Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation, though they were never personally faced by Roger - they set in motion the events that would cause the calamities that would make up most of Space Quest 5s story.

Genetix were a deranged genetics company with a motto of "we play God so you don't have too" and true to their name they often engaged in many insane and illegal experiments - amongst them was the Primordial Soup, a mutagenic sludge that had adverse effects on living creatures: turning them into hideous mutants.

Genetix decided to get rid of the Primordial Soup via labelling it as toxic waste and with the aid of Captain Quirk illegally dumped the volatile mixture on numerous planets, due to some of these planets being inhabited local wildlife (and higher-level humanoids) became infected.

It is unknown what has become of Genetix but it is safe to assume they are either imprisoned or under heavy monitoring by Starcon after Roger uncovered their involvement in the mutant crisis.