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Generation 5 Attack Bot
The Generation 5 Attack Bot is an Attack Bot by Venjix that appears in the episodes The Road to Corinth and Fade to Black.


It is incinerator-themed. With the Defense Shields of Cornth City down, Venjix brought this Attack Bot forth to go in and attack the city. The monster attacked with the Grinders, but he was soon met with the Power Rangers attack. The Rangers used their weapons against him and were able to take him out with a blast from the Road Blaster.

However, Venjix brought the Attack Bot back online and made him grow large. The Rangers formed the High Octane Megazord to do battle with him. The monster used his pipes to start polluting the air of the domed city. Luckily our heroes were able to stop him by clogging his pipes. The Rangers then used the High Octana Megezord's Super Saber attack to destroy the Attack Bot.


  • The Generation 5 Attack Bot is the first Attack Bot to appear in RPM.

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