Generalissimo Lioness is the primary villainess from the SNES version of the 1994 side-scrolling platformer sci-fi fantasy videogame Sparkster. She is an anthropomorphic female lion with a cybernetic eye implant on the left side of her face that glows red, who wears a metallic spiked armor and metal gauntlets, dark blue pointy boots, and a tall gold jewelled crown on her heard.

Leading the Wolf Army, Lioness intends on taking over Zebulos by force, using her military might. With the help of Axel Gear and Colonel Wolfheim, she attacks the country, prompting Sparkster to fight her forces.

After both Wolfheim and Axel are defeated, Sparkster enters the Generalissimo's main base, which conceals a huge missile silo. The outcome of their fight will depend on the game's difficulty settings: on the normal difficulty Sparkster escapes after defeating her, while on the hard difficulty she activates a warhead which goes after Zebulos, forcing Sparkster to pursue it.