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General Zenobia (37-50): A new general with seven tails who appears in episode 37. She destroyed the Invention Center. A combat expert with seven tails, she too holds the title of general. Also a priestess who deals in ritual. Eight years ago, she tried to assassinate Aton and take the throne for herself. While conspirators were executed, Aton chose to banish Zenobia to imprisonment in the Millennium Cave out of fear of her witchcraft knowledge. After escaping from it, she swears loyalty to Aton, fighting Dynaman while secretly planning to overthrowing him and develop the her own tenth tail. Spied on by Megiddo, she sets him up by having him banished to the Millenium Cave, masking it as a contempt for failure. She discovers the Retro Gene, attempting to use it in growing the tenth tail. When she does grow a tenth tail, she dies afterwards.

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