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Warwick is the main antagonist of the Act 2 in the Blood Ice Steel campaign in Age of Empires III. He is voiced by Neil Dickson.

He fought with a pistol and a sword, weapons that he controled very well. He was an immortal hero (in the Campaign, when he loses all his Hit points, he will be unusable until he regains enough hit points). He could collect treasures, but was unable to build any building, including Trading posts.


He is a British aristocrat. His parents died drowned in strange circumstances and it's rumored that he was behind the death of his parents. However, he considered himself a refined man.

Later, he was on the command of an English army, and also, became eventually a member of the Circle of Ossus. He prefered force and intimidation rather than diplomacy. He always was arrogant and looked down the populace he was commanding.

Learning that the Black Family was in America, he and his men went to the Brunswick colony, where John Black and Stuart Black were. He put the Cherokees against the Stuart's colony. After facing a great Cherokee army, John and his mohawk fellow, Kanyenke, decided to negotiate peace with the Cherokees after destroying two Cherokee huts. When they arrived to the village, they soon discovered the Cherokees allied with the British. Warwick took advantage of that distraction and, along his official troops, attacked and captured the Brunswick colony, and kidnapped Stuart. Later, John managed to recover the remains of the colony, but Warwick's army had already captured Stuart.

John was wondering why the British army would attack their own colony, and thinks that the Circle had returned. Kanyenke get shocked, because he realized her sister, Nonahkee, was in danger. They rushed to the village and arrived on time to Warwick's base. Nonahkee and the men of her home struggled against Warwick's army in defense, while John and Kanyenke were destroying the British base. After both sides destroyed Warwick's base, Nonahkee and Kanyenke finally reunited. She told John and Kanyenke about Warwick's plan, where he forced the Native American villages to support him in exchange of horses and money, and the ones who didn't help him were attacked and devastated.

Warwick got really angry when he discovered that the natives managed to survive, but his commander told him that John Black and his men helped them and then he managed to take John out from his colony.

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