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General Venjix is the leader of the remnants of the Machine Empire and a villain from Power Rangers Wild Force.


After the destruction of the Royal House of Gadget, Venjix and the remaining generals of the Machine Empire took command of what remained of the empire. They planned to dig up Lord Zedd's zord, Serpentera, and use it to destroy the Earth in revenge for the demise of King Mondo. Venjix's forces succeeded in digging up Serpentera on the moon and outfitted it with a Neo-Plutonium reactor that could overcome the zord's weakness of running out of power quickly. However a team of 10 Red Rangers arrived as Venjix and the other generals were about to board Serpentera to stop their plans. After the rangers defeated their Cogs, the generals faced off against the rangers in teams of two, with Venjix taking on Jason Lee Scott and Cole Evans. However he was beaten and his fellow generals were destroyed, leaving Venjix to board Serpentera alone and took off. But Cole used his new Wild Force Rider to fly into the zord's mouth and blow it up from the inside, taking out Venjix along with it and bringing an end to the Machine Empire forever.

Powers and Abilities

Because he is a robot, Venjix is a skilled fighter and possesses superhuman abilities, able to take on two Red Rangers at once, though he was still beaten. He can also fire energy blasts.


  • The Venjix suit was taken from another Saban series that was very similar to Power Rangers, Big Bad Beetleborgs. It was used for the Shadowborg, an evil Beetleborg. The suits of the other Machine Empire generals were also borrowed from Big Bad Beetleborgs and its second season, Beetleborgs Metallix.
  • His voice actor was Archie Kao, who played Kai, the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.
  • The main villain of Power Rangers RPM was the Venjix Computer Network, a computer virus that sought to wipe out humans with its machine army. It is unknown if it and General Venjix were the same entity or if there was any kind of relationship between them.

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