General Specific.

General Specific is the main antagonist of the Cartoon Network show Sheep in the Big City. The General is the leader of the Secret Military Organization, and his main goal throughout the series is to capture Sheep so that he can use him for his sheep-powered ray gun. However, his plans are always foiled because of either Sheep escaping or being captured by another villain or being defeated by Sheep's allies (mostly by the X Agent).


The General Specific is dim-witted, unlike his right hand man, Private Public. He is also very arrogant, and his many failures never stop him from trying to catch Sheep. He always pisses The Angry Scientist off for calling him "Mad" scientist instead of Angry Scientist, though in one case he called him for his real name.


  • The General is often betrayed by his own minions such as the X Agent who was hired by the General to capture Sheep but the Agent cared more about his friend's safety than obeying the General.
  • He also has a cousin who looks like him called the General Lee Outrageous who also has a right hand man called Private Public.