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General Slaughter

I'm gonna ram yer froggin' hides so fulla holes, I'll be able ta use ya as sieves!
~ General Slaughter
General Slaughter is a recurring villain from the Battletoads series, usually appearing as a early boss.

A muscular anthropomorphic bull, General Slaughter is one of Dark Queen's high-ranked enforcers who commands her army. Though he isn't very intelligent, he uses his head better for ramming his victims and charging at them full-speed, being easily able to lift people and toss them using only his horns.

He first appeared in the original game as the boss of stage 10, Rat Race, while in later games he appears as the very first boss. In the crossover Battletoads & Double Dragon, he appears as a midboss in the stage 5, Missile Mayhem.

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