Morrison before his death

General Russell Morrison is a major antagonist in the 2010 film The A-Team.

He is based on Colonel Samuel Morrison from the original TV series (who was not a villain).

He is portrayed by Gerald McRaney.


General Morrison is the A-Team's commanding officer and a close friend of the team leader, Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith. When Agent Lynch of the Central Intelligence Agency's Special Activities Division assigned the team a covert mission to recover U.S. Treasury plates stolen by Iraqi insurgents, Morrison reluctantly authorizes it. After the team succeeds in their mission, they are betrayed by Brock Pike, the field leader of the private security firm; Black Forest, who kills Morrison in his vehicle. Due to his death, no one could confirm that the A-Team were authorized to act, therefore they had sentenced to ten years in separate prisons.

However, it is later revealed that Morrison has faked his death and plots with Lynch and Pike to steal the engraving plates. After the A-Team escaped from prison, they find Pike and his men in the Koingsbank Tower at the German city of Frankfurt and manage to steal the plates from them, and Hannibal kidnaps Morrison. When Lynch learns that the team has Morrison, he orders an airstrike to kill all of them. The team manages to escape, but Morrison is killed.