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You wish to do business with us, yes?

You wish to make a purchase, yes?!

~ Peter McAllister to one of his clients, Mendez

General Peter McAllister is the main antagonist in the 1987 buddy cop action hit film Lethal Weapon. He is a corrupt senior US Army General and the nefarious founder of the Shadow Company.

He was portrayed by Mitchell Ryan.


McAllister leads a former special-operation forces called Shadow Company, which is now currently running a business selling heroin. Thanks to the intimidation of his second-in-command Mr. Joshua, McAllister is able to keep his clients as well as his henchmen in check. When one of their men, Michael Hunsaker, almost quits, McAllister orders the death of Hunsaker's daughter Amanda, and later Hunsaker himself for exposing their operation.

When Detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh become involved with the general and his business, McAllister kidnaps Murtaugh's daughter Rianne before having the two detectives tortured. Riggs is able to break free from his captors and rescues Murtaugh and Rianne before killing most of McAllister's men. However, McAllister himself manages to escape.

Later, Murtaugh finally defeats the general by shooting his driver as he's attempting to escape, causing his car to crash into a passing bus and topple onto its roof. McAllister is trapped in the flaming car and watches in horror as a handful of grenades he had kept with him detonate, by blowing him and the vehicle to smithereens. Following his death, Shadow Company became disbanded.



  • McAllister is similar General Ramon Esperanza from Die Hard 2; they are military villains who also happen to be drug dealers.
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