Look to the sky!
~ General Otmin

General Otmin is a minor antagonist in the live action Disney film, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe which based on the Chronicles of Narnia book series. He is the minotaur who serves as the commander of The White Witch's army.

He was voiced by the New Zealand actor, Shane Rangi.


He is much larger and stronger than other minotaurs, who are tough beasts already. He wields a huge double-bladed axe, and a long scimitar.

Role in the film

He first appeared when Jadis started drawing up battle plans against Aslan, just as soon as Edmund Penvensie was rescued from the Witch's grasp. He later appeared with Jadis during a meeting with Aslan, where he almost tried to kill Edmund's brother Peter for threatening Jadis.

Otmin later appears at the Stone Table, where Aslan sacrificed himself to Jadis to protect Edmund, allowing Jadis and her forces to torture and kill Aslan. Otmin takes mere delight in watching this, just as Jadis orders Otmin to read their troops, to which he eagerly did so with a battle-cry.

Otmin leads the first wave of the villain army during the First Battle at Beruna. During the battle, he fought again Orieus, the Narnian army's lead centaur. Orieus eventually killed Otmin by stabbing him through with both of his swords.


  • Otmin does not appear the the book, and was created for the movie. However, Minotaurs were mentioned as being in the White Witch's army.
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