General Norman

General Norman is a villain from the series, Batman Beyond, who was paranoid of a group of heroes known as the Terrific Trio, created by Howard Hugges, to such a degree he actively sought their destruction rather than any sort of compromise: this in turn caused the Trio to go on a rampage across Gotham.

He is one of many characters in fiction who are both part of the military and also corrupt, this is especially common in superhero fiction - thus General Norman is part of a very well known villain archetype.

Role In Series


Powers / Abilities

General Norman is a "baseline" human - in other words he functions much as a man his age would in the "real world", of course being in the military he is likely highly trained in numerous fields of combat and a mind geared towards such things, it is unclear exactly how far his skills would be compared to other Generals in the DC universe.



  • General Norman is one of relatively few antagonists in Batman Beyond who may never of faced any consequences for his crimes.