General Monte

Angamenon Monte Pereira,  also known as General Monte was the main villain in the first season of the webcomic Combo Rangers. Characterized almost as a parody of Power Rangers villains he is an alien monster that has only the intention to take over Earth with his army of space monsters. While retaining often pose menacing he is stupid and very passionate about his wife.


General Monte is a humanoid alien (he is actually an anthropomorphic poop) coming from the Deskarga Empire, more precisely on the planet DS-2, conquering planets to impress his wife and her family. For this he enlisted the help of his assistants Pum (one monster considered his best friend and henchman) and Carolho, leader of an endless fleet of alien soldiers.

Early in the story he appears willing to conquer the Earth and its inhabitants, but in his first attack he ended up calling the attention of five courageous children (Fox, Tati, Lisa, Ken and Kiko). These same five were summoned to become the heroes saviors of the Earth known as Combo Rangers to defeat the monsters General Monte and Carolho. Monte goes with it to recruit new space monsters to defeat the Combo Rangers, following the same schedule until the end of the season.

After so many fights between his servants and the Combo Rangers at the end of the season General Monte acquires Crystal Supernova and releases the reincarnation of the evil souls of the universe, the Supernova Warriors. At first he tries to use them as his henchmen, but ultimately ends up being betrayed by them and has your spaceship destroyed. After that he is abandoned by his wife and her friends and disappears once the series.