General Monster was the original head of Neo-Shocker's Japanese branch and a major antagonist in Kamen Rider (Skyrider).


General Monster was originally a Nazi officer during World War II. He was stationed at the Auschwitz concentration camp where he served under Colonel Zol. He later joined Shocker after it was founded. Though he was killed, his body was preserved and years later he was revived by Neo-Shocker and recruited into them as a general, in the process undergoing a modification that allows him to transform into the gecko cyborg Yamorijin.

Due to a recent failure he was presented with the red eye, which signals that if he fails for a final time he will be terminated. He later attempted to fight Skyrider himself, assuming his Yamarojin kaijin form. He was defeated by Skyrider's Sky Kick, but managed to survive and attempted to suicide bomb Skyrider. However, before he could kill Skyrider, he was executed by Admiral Majin.

Yamorijin was later revived as part of the Second Generation Cyborg Corps but was destroyed by the 7 Kamen Riders.

He was also resurrected as part of the Kaijin Second Generation Corps, donning a yellow scarf. He was later destroyed by the 7 Riders.

Powers and Abilities

He can tear his tail off and uses it as a whip ("Gecko Whip"), his left hand is a giant gecko head with razor sharp teeth, he can throw the gecko feet like ears on his head as explosives, can rapid teleport, and finally create clones of himself "Yamorijin Clone Technique".

He is revived by Badan Empire in Kamen Rider Spirits vol. 8, kidnapping people in Sapporo. He eventually destroyed by Kamen Rider ZX by Rider Spin Shot and crashed to Admiral Majin.

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