General Midwinter
General Midwinter is the main antagonist of the Harry Palmer film, Billion Dollar Brain.


He is a Texan plotting to eradicate communism from the face of the earth, even if it means to worldwide destruction which Palmer himself discovers later on. At first, Midwinter was nice enough to see Palmer until he discovered something was wrong, he discovered that the British agent was with Soviet Colonel Stok. Realizing what Palmer was doing, Midwinter prepares to execute him until they notice Leo newbigen was rebelling against Midwinter's organization. Newbigen escapes then the general lets Palmer go to take him in. With all his forces gathered, Midwinter states to his army that they will be heroes for wiping out Communism. Palmer and Newbigen give chase to stop the mad general from succeeding his plan. Stok also hears of this and has his fighter planes head out to intercept Midwinter's forces. Midwinter notices Palmer's car and his men open fire, killing Newbigen as Palmer escapes. Midwinter failed to notice the planes hit the ice with rockets, causing the convoys to sink underneath the icy water. Midwinter tries to escape himself but dies with his men.