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General Medrano is an exiled Bolivian general and the secondary antagonist in Quantum of Solace, portrayed by Joaquin Cosio.

Quantum of Solace

He has made a deal with Dominic Greene to overthrow the current government; in return, Greene is given ownership of a seemingly barren piece of Bolivian land. He is first seen at Dominic's port when he is introduced to Camille (years ago, he had killed her father, raped her mother and sister, and burnt the house down while Camille was in it). He is shown what Quantum can do when he is threatened by Dominic Greene. To vent his frustration he tries to rape his maid. Camille gets in the way, and he tries to rape her, but she shoots him in the head, killing him and ending her quest for vengeance.


  • He is one of the two villains in the reboot series who are Complete Monsters alongside Franz Oberhauser.

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