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General Hugo is a major antagonist in the DS videogame Radiant Historia as the secondary antagonist of the alternate timeline, and though he plays no important role in the main one, his inluence is such that he can be considered the sexondary main antagonist. He's the only one authorized to deliver the word of the Great Prophet Noah to the people of Alistel. As a former politician, other high-ranked officers like General Raul suspect of him to dispatch members of Alistel's army of lesser rank to relinquished places where they no longer pose a threat whenever he suspects they are gaining more reputation and charisma. Hugo's true nature is promptly revealed failrly soon, and his intentions to forge Alistel as the continent's supreme power will not stop at anything, even fooling the whole nation. He is also shown to have a messiah complex.

It is revealed near the end that the Prophet Noah is no more and all orders from him are actually coming from Hugo's mouth to meet his desires and what seems to be Alistel's best interest. Heiss seemed to be working for him during the events of the Alternate History, but quits near the end. Not before telling him that his defeat was imminent and right now he was just making a fool of himself. Up til the end, Hugo claimed that the Prophet Noah was talking to him and he was his messiah, and there was someone who was taking advantage of that.