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General Gato is the true secondary antagonist of TMNT. Gato was one of Yaotl's generals until he and Yalta's other three siblings were encased in stone. Three millennia later, he was revived by Yaotl.


Early life

Gato was born around 1000 B.C. somewhere in Central America and grew up in the Aztec army alongside his brothers Yaotl, Aguilla, Mono and sister Serpiente to become merciless tyrants leading a massive army into conquering every kingdom of the ancient world. Known to have been second most trusted of all five siblings, he also served as the brains to Yaotl, who was warrior-king of their brotherhood.

Encased In Stone

While fighting their way to finishing their subjugation of the ancient the country of Paxmec with the siege on its capital Xalica, the five barbarians learned from a wheel-like artifact they seized from within the city's temple about a constellation known as the Stars of Kicaan, whic aligned every 3,000 years to send a beam of energy opening a portal to another dimension. As the portal opened, its energy made Yaotl immortal but the price was costly, for it turned Gato and the other three generals to stone and released from its vortex opening 13 monsters that decimated the rest of their army and their Xalican opponents.

Present Day

Final Moments



  • He was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

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