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General Gaius is the main antagonist of the XBOX Live videogame known as Dust: An Elysian Tail.

Not much is known on General Gaius's backstory. He is a general of a powerful, plentiful army, in which he uses to help him in his campaign to destroy a race that lives in Falana, known as Moonbloods. It is unknown as well as to why General Gaius wants to see their blood spilled, but he not only wants to destroy Moonbloods, but also anyone against his campaign will also perish.

It is also that General Gaius is the main reason for the land (Platforming) to be so ruined, why there are underground chasms/sinkholes, Fuse (Another Dust Villian), Unbearable Monster Activity, unnatural weather patterns, hundreds- if not thousands -of deaths, and much more crimes for wanting to erase another's species.

Gaius is also the final boss of the game, located in the final level which is in a fiery area known as the Everdawn Basin/ Everdawn Volcanos. This is also where his hideout and legion is during the course of the game, and where the player confronts him before entering the final boss battle.

Until the final cutscene of the game, General Gaius refers to Dust (The main protagonist) as Cassius, a soldier (and close friend) who died one year before the game takes place. He believes that Dust is Cassius, except brainwashed, until the final cutscene of the game, which shows Dust looks not as alike to Cassius as Gaius thought.

Gaius does indeed die. His last words are,

'Cherish it...'

Before he practically flings himself to a fiery lava pit below.