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You alert the media, I launch the gas. You refuse payment, I launch the gas. You've got forty hours, until noon, day after tomorrow, to arrange transfer of the money. I am aware of your countermeasure. You know and I know it doesn't stand a chance. Hummel from Alcatraz, out.
~ General Hummel's instructions to the Pentagon before hung up and disconnecting.
This isn't about terrorism, it's about justice. It's about reminding you people of something you find politically convenient to forget.
~ General Hummel
I'll come straight to the point. 83 Force Reconnaissance Marines have died under my various commands. 47 in Northern Laos and Southern China.
~ General Hummel talking to General Al Kramer from the Pentagon.

Brigadier General Francis Xavier Hummel, also known as General Hummel and "Frank", was the (former) main antagonist turned anti-hero of the 1996 movie The Rock.

Hummel is a USMC Force Recon official and a renegade military commander who, disgusted with the U.S. military's lack of regard for America's fallen soldiers, seizes 15 V.X. poison gas rockets to hold the city of San Francisco hostage unless the payment he demands for the soldiers' families are given.

He was portrayed by Ed Harris who later played Mitch Wilkinson in National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

In the Movie

Military Career and Becoming Vicious

Before the movie began, he served many tours during his career in the Marine Corps, even in Vietnam, Panama, Grenada and Desert Storm. At that time the movie starts, Hummel and his group of Force Recon Marines seize 15 V.X. poison gas rockets from the Naval Weapons Depot; he loses one of his own men in the process. On a tour of Alcatraz Island, Hummel captures 81 tourists and the tour guide, except the children whom he asked them to go home with their teacher. After that, he demanded that the money be transferred to the families of 83 Marines who lost their lives for his cause, including his men.

Mason and Goodspeed's Arrival and First Showdown

Upon hearing that a Navy SEAL team with an FBI chemical specialist Stanley Goodspeed and ex-SAS Captain John Patrick Mason involved, his men kill them all (except for the two protagonists) despite orders not to shoot. When things get out of control, he threatens that Stanley and Mason return the guidance chips or he will kill a hostage. The protagonists are both captured.

Frye's Betrayal and Death

When a V.X. rocket fires the next day, Hummel changes the coordinates and sends it to the sea instead. His men argue with him over what went wrong. Hummel ordered his men to evacuate with the remaining V.X. rockets in the helicopters and four hostages as well. With the bluff called, his men (other than Major Baxter who has been Hummel's bodyguard) betray him and want to go ahead with the missile launch.

Hummel and Baxter manage to shoot some of the betrayers before Hummel himself is shot while Baxter is killed. Goodspeed pulls him to safety while Mason providing cover fire and the dying general, with his last breath, tells Goodspeed to go to the lower lighthouse for the last V.X. rocket.

His death would later be avenged when Goodspeed ends up killing all his traitorous soldiers.



  • Hummel was the main antagonist for most of the movie, but was ultimately killed off to make way for the true main villain to take over. Due to his concern for the families of deceased soldiers, he was more of an anti-hero to begin with. This considers viewers to believe that Hummel was a tragic and sympathetic villain.

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