At last ,mankind has returned!
~ Fallon

General Fallon is the main antagonist of the 2013 film Jack the Giant Slayer.


Fallon had two heads. The second was smaller, unnamed, and capable of independent thought and observation while unable to exercise any control of their shared body. It appeared to be less formed than the main head and less able to speak properly enunciated words. This might have been due to not having full control of a shared airway.


General Fallon is a two-headed giant who leads a race of human-eating giants from Gargantua, a mystical land in the sky accessible by magic beanstalks.

He interrogates the captured Princess Isabelle after she was captured by Fum, who found her wandering in Gargantua, threatening to eat her if she does not reveal the secret of how she got up there so they could find the way down.

Fallon lead his brethren by means of Might, bashing them about with a mace when his authority was challenged. This changed briefly when he became king after gaining the Magic Crown which had been forged by ancient clerics to control the giants. Due to the size difference between mankind and the giants, he had to wear the crown as a ring on two fingers. Fallon donned the crown following Lord Roderick's death.

Fallon's motivations are rather simple. Return to Albion to loot, plunder, and eat the last of King Erik's bloodline as revenge for being forced back to Gargantua so many hundred years before. He is finally defeated when about to devour the heroic farm boy Jack who tossed a magic bean down his throat and into his stomach which subsequently grew a beanstalk from inside his body and tearing him to shreds.


  • Fallon's main head was motion-captured and voiced by Bill Nighy who also played Davy Jones.
    • Fallon's small head was voiced by John Kassir.
  • Gargantua had to have been in some mystical realm only reachable by magic beanstalks since during the coda a time-skip to modern day would have suggested aircraft would certainly have discovered such a land over England—the modern day name for "Albion"—but never did.