General Durahan
Evil General Durahan is one of the most powerful servants of Moo, sent after the Big Bad Four is defeated. He resembles a knight, and also looks similar to Moo in his humanoid form, except smaller. Lilim is always hanging around with him.

Durahan sent several machine-like monsters to fight the Searchers. Eventually he was able to get the magic stone, but he was planning to betray Moo and use the Magic Stone himself, and attacked Moo. However, Lilim betrayed him for Moo, and convinced his troops to do the same. The Searchers fought Durahan aboard the ship, and he was overpowered by Mocchi's Mocchi Cannon, and his sword broken. Once a Weed got the magic stone, the troops shot down Durahan's ship. Durahan stabbed Lilim dead before the ship crashed, killing him.

In Season 3, he was resurrected by a Weed, but as only a head, and turning the Weed into a cyborg. He is the main antagonist of Season 3, and tries to absorb Moo's soul (as Moo was destroyed). In the end, he turned good to help the Phoenix destroy Moo's soul, and his body was restored.

Durahan attacks with a sword, and by shooting an energy wave from his sword.