General Disarray

General Dissaray

General Disarray (real name: Douigie) is the "henchman" of Professor Chaos and a character in South Park. He is the evil alter ego of Doogie who joined Chaos after he was rejected to become the fourth friend.

In a later South Park episode, he joins the Legion of Doom with his master.


  • Dougie appears on the school bus dressed in drag during the pre-fourth grade theme song in Season 4 of South Park.
  • Dougie is shown to be a fan of The Simpsons in "Simpsons Already Did It".
  • Though Dougie continues to help Butters in his schemes to destroy the world, he doesn't appear in the episode "Good Times With Weapons", despite Butters appearing as Professor Chaos in that episode. They both appear, however, attending the super-villain meeting in "Krazy Kripples". He also explains to Butters in "Go God Go, Part I", that Cartman will die if he remains frozen for too long.
  • Dougie was not listed as a ginger in the episode "Ginger Kids", despite having red hair and freckles. However, he may have not been included because he does not have light skin, and is therefore is a "day-walker", according to Cartman.
  • He appeared as a boss while he is currently under under his alter ego in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!.
  • Dougie made a very small cameo in "Freak Strike". He can be seen when Butters first said he didn't want to protest.
  • A possible father of Dougie's can be seen in "Woodland Critter Christmas". At the very beginning, if you look closely at the line for the store, you can see Dougie jumping on a man trying to get his attention. It is assumed that this is his father.
  • Dougie may have a pet gerbil or guinea pig because one was seen in the episode "Simpsons Already Did It" next to hip with a tin foil uniform such as himself and Professor Chaos.