Dean holding the contained spirit of Colberto

Trying to be a hero and save the world, huh? Kid, you watch too many cartoons. What made you think you could steal this away from me?
~ Dean talking to Sai after he gets the spirit of Colberto.

General Dean is a villain in Taomee's Seer franchise who is one of the two main antagonists of the third movie, The Universal Force: The Seer Squad, as well as appearing in the fourth movie and the animated series.

He is voiced by Meng Xianglong in the original version and Ken Spassione Jr. in the English dub.


Dean is a robot who is the leader of a large army of space pirates. He seeks to destroy the planet Nas by using a powerful creature called Colberto absorb the light of the sacred Tree of Nas and destroy the Agia people. He leads a large robot army, his underlings Joe and Alex, and Colberto until after it evolves one last time.

Dean is also a powerful physical fighter. He is very fast (He easily evades attacks), uses robot scorpions (He has one in his back capable of activating bombs), guiding Colberto, and is the only robot of the space pirates who is not a coward.