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Sent by Crisis, Colonel Dasmader is an inspector whose task is to put the invasion party back on track, receiving utter contempt by his peers due to his arrogance. Dasmader could fire a green laser, with a shape of a dragon's head from his helmet for combat. He was almost killed by both General Jark and Black RX. He later leads Gatezawn and Bosgun in the attempt to kill Gedorian to appease Crisis' anger. Dasmader was stabbed in the back by Jak Shougun when Jak was trying to save Maribaron from being killed by him. RX successfully threw his Revolcane into his body and he exploded, but later it was shown that he was still alive. In episode 46, Maribaron discovers that he was actually a host body for their boss. In episode 47, he was summoned when Black RX refused Crisis' order, and killed as a result. Crisis then revealed himself, after Dasmader's demise.

He appears in Saban's Masked Rider as an unnamed background character in certain episodes, through spliced footage.

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