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General Dark Onward
I see now that your greatest weakness is not the hate you have for that game, but the love you have for your fans.
~ General Dark Onward after capturing the Angry Video Game Nerd.

General Dark Onward is the main villain of Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie.  He was played by Stephen Mendel. 

He is a general that is after the Nerd because he believes the Nerd is searching for Area 51 and knew the location of the scientist Dr. Zandor, a former scientist for Area 51.  He drives in a wheelchair tank. He is responsible for recalling the E.T. cartridges because they contained a map to Area 51. During the movie, he lost his arms. The first time was because he tried to grab a grenade he fumbled. The second time occurred when a metallic door closed on his other arm.

He admits the Angry Video Game Nerd was funny after watching his videos and sought a truce with the Nerd in hopes of getting rid of E.T. This makes the Nerd lose his phobia of E.T. and rejects Onward's offer. In anger he shoots a missile to blow up Mount Fuji in rage, but this releases Death Mwauthzyx, the secondary antagonist (though much more dangerous) of the film.

The alien the Nerd frees then summons all the E.T. cartridges that contained a special metal that formed the spaceship that crashed into Roswell and rebuild his spaceship. General Dark Onward tries to destroy the spacecraft in a tank but in his arrogance, he falls into a pit that causes the tank to catch fire and kill him.


  • While not the most powerful enemy the Angry Video Game Nerd has ever faced, he is one of the most evil as he was willing to kill innocent gamers just to punish the Nerd.

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