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General Custer is the titular protagonist of the controversial adult video-game known as Custer's Revenge - despite being the "hero" of the story he is a grotesque character whose only goal is to rape Native American women, indeed that is the whole premise of the game itself and as such it earned much hatred from women's rights groups and Native Americans, it was banned in one State but was otherwise released under a "mature" title.

General Custer was based VERY loosely on a historical figure but had little backstory other than his desire to have sex with women, all of whom were found at the end of the level tied to a cactua - due to the exploitation subject matter of the game and his appearance General Custer was voted the second most unsexy video game character of all time in 2012.

Angry Video Game Nerd

The game earned itself an appearance/reference in the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures due to the fact it is reviewed by the Nerd in his Atari Porn episode. Custer is the boss of the porno-themed stage Beat It and Beat It where all he does is simply jump about as spears rain down from the sky and attempt to kill the player.

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