General Chen was a Marvel comics supervillain and the Supreme Serpent, the true leader of the hate group known as the Sons of the Serpent - who were (like most others) unaware of his true identity.


General Chen was the dictator of an unnamed country which was hostile towards the United States. During a visit to the United Nations, Chen started up the Sons of the Serpent, a radical hate group determined to drive all foreigners from America, unaware that their Supreme Serpent was himself a foreigner. Chen arranged to have the Sons of the Serpent attack him during his visit to maintain his secret. Needing more public support, the Supreme Serpent engineered the capture of Captain America, then demanded that the other members of the Avengers join the Serpents or they would kill Captain America.

Chen attended a U.N. meeting with Senator Byrd and other notables in which he accused America of supporting the Sons of the Serpent's activities, and that the Avengers supported the Serpents as well. The Supreme Serpent prepared for a public appearance of the Serpents at an auditorium, and had one of his men disguised as Captain America to make it appear that he was on their side. The Supreme Serpent ordered the Avengers to promote the Serpents' cause to their audience, but the Avengers refused, and instead spoke out against them. The Avengers fought the Sons of the Serpent, and were joined by the real Captain America, set free by the Black Widow. The Supreme Serpent tried to escape by taking Hawkeye as a hostage, but the Black Widow disarmed him from behind, and the Wasp knocked him down. The Supreme Serpent was then unmasked before the public as General Chen, who revealed that his plan all along had been to divide America so that it would have been easier for his country to conquer them.

General Chen was later deported back to his home country.