General Blight is Bananaman's number one enemy and it always striving for world domination. He's a short fellow, that really needs to see an anger management councillor. But he does have a gentler side as he speaks a bit childish when talking to women, as if he is still talking to his nanny (the wuss!). He doesn't like to be called GB for some reason, so that makes people call him it more. Also I don't think he likes shaving, as he seems to always have 5 O'clock shadow. Plus he has a rather big nose! He seems to have a fetish for dressing up as a Pirate Captain and he gets the Heavy Mob to be his pirates! Oh and don't even go there about the green lycra cat suit that he wears. General blight is not american, He's british. He's in Bananaman and Bananaman is a real classic 80's cartoon made in britain. General blight was voiced by the british voice actor, Graeme Garden.