General Armando Soriano is a character from the controversial Philippine drama, My Husband's Lover.


Portrayed by action star Roi Vinzon. He is the father of the show's protagonist Vincent Soriano. Armando or General Armando Garcia y Soriano is a retired Army-General and a certified womanizer during his prime. A homophobic; Armando easily gets irritated every time he encounters gay men and treats them with contempt and spite. When he finds out about Vincent's sexuality, he forcibly sent him to a military camp (to join a 45-day boot camp) with the purpose of "correcting" his sexual preference.

Villainous character

His villainous character is revealed whenever he sees homosexual men, most notably his nephew, Zandro, he mistreats them as a homophobe (except for his son Vincent whom he suggested to join military training). He also mistreats people who call Vincent a gay most notably Lally's best friend, Paul whom the general calls.